Pet tooth Brush

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Don’t miss a spot when you use Espree Oral Care 3-in-1

Toothbrush, specifically designed to clean efficiently on

all sides of your happy pup’s teeth. Reach every surface

of the teeth all at the same time with one easy motion, and

stimulate gums too. Reduce the work and the time it takes

to complete the job and go play fetch.


Key Benefits
  • So easy to use, this toothbrush takes the
  • work out of the task.
  • Reduce the brushing time as all three sides
  • of this toothbrush clean the teeth in one motion.
  • Never miss a surface of your happy pet’s teeth
  • for the cleanest possible mouth.
  • Stimulate your playmate’s gums for
  • good dental hygiene at the same time
  • you brush his teeth.
  • Gentle and fast, this toothbrush leaves more time to play.